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End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

At Scrub & Shine South West, one of the services that we provide on a regular basis is our Plymouth end of tenancy carpet cleaning service. We have worked with many landlords and tenants to restore the property’s carpets to their former glory.

As a Tenant 

If you have a deposit that you are keen to see again, you want to ensure that you leave the property as you found it. While you may be clean and leave your shoes at the door, over time, wear and tear and coming and going means that inevitably the carpets get dirty. You only need to look along the tops of door frames and on surfaces that haven’t been cleaned for a while to see just how much dust and grime can gather without you even really noticing it. 

Plymouth end of tenancy carpet cleaning

It’s the same with carpets, the dust and grime gets ground into the carpets and even with the best of intentions, you will be shocked by how dirty they get. Plymouth end of tenancy carpet cleaning means that you are far more likely to get your deposit back and carry favour with the landlord/letting agents. 

As a Landlord 

Had a tenant that has left the property looking less favourable than when you found it? Not all tenants will have the same respect for a property, especially if they are moving out. They may not be so bothered about getting their deposit back and they may not even feel that the carpets are that dirty. Before you market the property to the next tenants our Plymouth end of tenancy carpet cleaning service will restore the carpet to its former glory. 

You may be surprised at just how much impact a professional clean can have on your property and in some cases it can save you the bother of having new carpets. A thorough clean will certainly extend the life of your carpet and ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Call to Discuss End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning

We will be happy to discuss your end of tenancy carpet cleaning requirements whether that’s one property or a portfolio of rentals. Call us on 07946 602786 and we can let you know more about the services that we offer.  

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