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Plymouth Graffiti Cleaning Service

Graffiti can be an issue for many businesses. From cladded and rendered buildings to brick and concrete buildings, there is no escaping the artistry (or lack of) from those that like to leave their mark. The culprits often act after dark, away from prying eyes which can be an issues for those businesses that aren’t on a busy thoroughfare but they aren’t averse to leaving their graffiti even in the most public of places. Fortunately, we are on hand to help with our professional Plymouth graffiti cleaning service.

Unwanted Graffiti

In most circumstances, graffiti is an unwelcome sight, unless you have been visited by Banksy. Then you will at least attract attention on a global stage which may be good for business! Some graffiti can be pretty artistic and attractive, most of the time though, you won’t be that lucky.

The first sign of a problem is when you turn up to work one day only to find your beautifully blank walls tagged, spray-painted and daubed with interesting patterns. It can be an issue and a deterrent to potential visitors to your business, often it can be the act of vandalism and personal targeting but much of the time it’s opportunists just looking to fill their time and any welcome, and clean, walls.

Professional Plymouth Graffiti Cleaning Services

Some business owners will try and remove the graffiti themselves, using all manner of cleaning products to try and remove the offending artwork. This is not only a real labour for those that don’t know what they are doing, it also takes you away from the important work of carrying out your day to day tasks.

At Scrub & Shine SW, we offer a professional Plymouth graffiti cleaning services using the latest products and equipment to quickly and efficiently remove any signs of graffiti whether it’s only just drying to that which has been there a while.

if you have been the victim of graffiti and need assistance, please call us on 07946 602786.