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K-Render Cleaning Services

With K-rend now being a popular way to finish both commercial and residential properties, the requirements for K-Render cleaning services across Plymouth and the South West have increased. Unlike many of our cleaning services which often involve pressure washing, Plymouth K-render cleaning is a much softer cleaning process using chemicals rather than power washers and is best carried out by a specialist.

K-Rend – A Popular Finish

When K-Rend it is newly applied it looks very bright, clean and attractive which is one of the reasons that it is such a popular alternative to a brick or stone finish. Unfortunately, over time it can tend to become dirty making the property look older and a little run down. The good news is that you can clean it to bring it back to its former glory making it look bright and new again.

Plymouth K-Render Cleaning

K-Rend can start to look dirty over time because of the different weather elements that it is exposed to. After regular exposure to wind and rain, a build-up of moss and algae can appear as dirty black and green stains. Not only does this make the property look unattractive, it can also damage the render. While some are tempted to paint over their South West K-Rend, unfortunately all this does is cover the damage in the short term.

South West K-Rend Soft Washing

At Scrub N Shine we are specialists in the Plymouth K-Render cleaning offering our K-Rend soft wash cleaning services across the Plymouth and South West areas. Using specialist equipment and techniques which are designed to gently remove the build-up of dirt without causing any damage to the render itself. To begin, we treat the outside walls with a treatment designed to break down the algae and moss before we commence cleaning using specialist soft washing equipment.

If you have a property with K Rend and would like to know more about our South West K-Render cleaning services then you can contact us on 01752 525602 to discover more.