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Plymouth Exterior House Cleaning

Plymouth exterior house cleaning is a regular service offered by the team at Scrub & Shine South West. From cleaning the render of a building to the cladding, there are several types of facade cleaning that we offer, including professional Plymouth roof cleaning. 

K-Rend Cleaning 

One of our most popular Plymouth exterior house cleaning services is K-Rend cleaning. This type of cleaning requires a soft wash approach from professionals. Not only will it make your house look lovely and clean but it also minimises the risk of damage to the render. You may think it is only dirt but a build-up of too much dirt can create weak spots and damage to the render which, if re-rendering is required, is not a cheap job. It is much better to spend the money on professional Plymouth exterior house cleaning. 

Why Not Redecorate? 

You may be asking why not just paint it? Well, painting is far more expensive and inconvenient than cleaning and if you paint, you will more than likely just paint over the algae and other dirt which is covering up the problem rather than addressing it. If you have extremely dark patches of dirt, like any painting jobs, it’s going to be tricky to cover it and get an even finished. With lighter colours, you will possibly even get show through. Even if you were having it painted, it is recommended that you clean the render first. The mould and mildew won’t go away. It will just be covered up by the paint. 

Don’t Jet Wash it 

Tempting as it is to get the jet washer out and have a go at cleaning it yourself, there are several issues with this. For a start, the mess it makes is considerable. Imagine the state you can get into when jet washing the patio! It can also cause damage to the render of your house leading to much bigger, more serious problems. Instead a soft wash approach, using the right kind of cleaners, is advisable. 

As Good as New 

You will be surprised by just how effective a K-Rend professional clean actually is. Using the right equipment and treatments, you can bring the property back to its original state and make your house the envy of all the neighbours 

Plymouth Cladding Cleaning

You may have noticed recently there is an increased number of cladded buildings. This cladding is often a uPVC cladding and not actually wood. It is very popular as a decorative choice and looks really nice however, it is prone to the same weather extremes as k-rend and will get very dirty over time. A professional soft-washing treatment will restore the cladding to its original state and keep it in good order.

Roof Cleaning 

A build-up of moss and debris on the roof can also make your property look old and worn. Birds nesting are another potential issue with the birds leaving mess all over the roof and the exterior of your property. We live in a coastal city therefore we see our fair share of seagulls and pigeons and they love to nest up high. If you want your property to stand out for all the right reasons then call on us to clean your property and perhaps consider some bird proofing too. 

Call for Plymouth Exterior House Cleaning

If there is any element of the exterior of your property that could do with some tlc, give us a call. We will be only too happy to help. Call us on 01752 525602