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Window & Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Plymouth window cleaning and solar panel cleaning services are offered to both domestic and commercial clients across the areas of Plymouth as well as Exeter, Torquay and across the counties of Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

Plymouth Window Cleaning Services

Whether you want your Plymouth windows cleaned at home for commercial purposes such as a multi-storey office block, we are the team for the job. Across Plymouth and the surrounding areas, our window cleaning services are professional and our experienced team carry out a thorough job.

Domestic Window Cleaning

With van-mounted equipment we can carry out the services when you are not at home as long as we have access to the rear of the building to clean all of the windows. We can agree a regular time each month to clean your windows, if you prefer, giving you the peace of mind that your windows will be regularly cleaned.

Commercial Window Cleaning


For larger commercial premises, you need a window cleaning service that can handle the requirements of a larger building. At Scrub N Shine South West, we work on all types of commercial premises, from office blocks and healthcare establishments to restaurants, retail outlets and supermarkets. We can provide you with a quote for a cleaning and maintenance contract for just window cleaning or for other aspects of cleaning work.

Solar Panel Cleaning

With the rise in solar panels and their increasing popularity, there is a bigger requirement for Plymouth solar panel cleaning services. The trouble with solar panels is that they are popular nesting spots for nuisance birds who like to nest and roost on or near them. With birds comes the inevitable mess and these panels can soon become dirty and soiled. As they are in a difficult spot, it is advisable to call on professionals to clean them. With our van-mounted cleaning solutions we do not need to access your premises to clean them and we are completely self-sufficient. We can carry out your South West solar panel cleaning at the same time as cleaning your windows or as a separate service.