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End of Tenancy Cleaning

At the end of a tenancy agreement, it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that the property is handed back clean and in good order. This can be a big job and one that many of you don’t have time for which is when you should hire the services of a Plymouth end of tenancy cleaning company. If you have been in the property for a while, it is reasonable to assume that there have been some accidental spillages, walked-in mud, dirt or stains on the carpet. It is reasonable to assume that the property is in need of some attention.

Making Sure You Get Your Deposit Back

The reason that you want to make sure that you give the property back in good condition is that you want your deposit back. Often it can be a month’s rent, which for a larger house, can be a large sum of money. Certain aspects of cleaning the property such as cleaning the carpets and the oven, are often too much for our customers to manage. They lead busy lives, have full-time jobs and just don’t have the time or the experience/equipment to carry out such thorough cleaning.

Plymouth End of Tenancy Cleaning

At Scrub N Shine, we offer professional Plymouth end of tenancy cleaning services that can be tailored to your requirements. If you want us to come in and clean the patio, the carpets and the oven for example then this is what we will do. It may be that you can manage certain aspects of the clean yourself or you may prefer to leave it all in our capable hands. We will agree with you in the first instance what it is that you want us to do.

When we clean the property, our experience means that we know exactly what local landlords and letting agencies are looking for, having worked with many of them ourselves. We can consider everything that they will check and ensure that it will pass the inspection where possible. You get your deposit back and it doesn’t involve hours of back breaking cleaning for you.

For details of our South West end of tenancy cleaning services, please contact us on 01752 525602.