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Why Choose Plymouth Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Hoovering alone does not remove all of the dust mite, bacteria and other dirt that builds up in our carpets over time. While it does get rid of what you can see, it doesn’t really get rid of what you may not see. It also doesn’t offer the protection that professional carpet cleaning does. Having your carpet professionally cleaned doesn’t just extend the life of your carpet, it also offers many other benefits, including health benefits. We look at all aspects of carpet cleaning, including when you should walk away from the stain and call on a professional Plymouth carpet cleaning service. 

Why Choose a Professional Plymouth Carpet Cleaning Service? 

Improve Health 

Allergens, dust particles and bacteria find carpets the ideal host to live and breed. If anyone in your house suffers with asthma or other allergies, it is important to have carpets cleaned to eradicate the build-up of these allergens which exacerbate these conditions. Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, will protect those in your home, especially children and the elderly. It also gives you peace of mind and that feeling of being in a healthy clean home. 

Increase the Air Flow 

Professional Plymouth carpet cleaning will also improve airflow. As carpets become clogged, the airflow in your home becomes restricted. If you have ever walked into a house that is musty and hasn’t been cleaned properly for a while, you will understand what we mean. 

Reduce Pet Odours

Pets are another contributor to dirty carpets. You can smell dogs in a carpet when you walk into a home, especially if you don’t have dogs or cats yourself. They come in from the garden without removing their shoes like you might and with them comes all sorts of dirt and grime. No matter how well you wipe their paws, you never quite know what they will bring in. Not to mention the hair which gets ground into the carpet. The oil that dogs and cats produce can also add to the dirt and grime build up – if they like to lie in a certain spot without a blanket or bed, you may find over time that there is a mark where they sleep. 

Look and Feel Good

If you are particularly house proud and like people to remove their shoes before entering your house, you might feel that your carpets don’t need cleaning. While there may be reduced dirt and grime build up, you will still be surprised and slightly horrified when you see the water after we have cleaned even the cleanest carpets. Having professional carpet cleaning will make your home look and smell great. 

professional carpet cleaning removes the dirt you can't see

How Often Should Carpets be Cleaned? 

Let’s be honest, we don’t choose to have our carpets professionally cleaned every 3/6 months, it’s just not practical for most. For many people it is a decision that is made when the carpets are looking particularly tired or worn or maybe when there is a spillage. We recommend having a professional deep clean once a year. In the meantime, there are some things you can do to protect your carpets and keep them clean on a day to day basis:

Top tip – check your carpet’s warranty! If you have a new carpet, the small print usually indicates that you should have professional carpet cleaning at specified intervals. 

Cleaning Carpet Stains

One of the main reasons that we receive a call to clean a Plymouth carpet is because of an accident or a spillage. We see all kinds of spillages. The main ones are coffee and wine. In fact, if you type in to the Google search query box, you will find that removing coffee and wine, are the two most popular searches. Nail polish is another one, or paint. You would be surprised at how many people decorate and end up painting the carpet as well as the walls. It’s easy done, even with dust sheets and protective layers down. Paint will always manage to splatter where it shouldn’t. 

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Do Not Try and Treat Carpet Stains Yourself 

Often the immediate reaction is to try and remove the stain yourself. Granted, if you spill a cup of coffee, you should try and blot as much as possible first with a clean cloth. Be very careful though. Soak up all the excess, then give us a call. It is entirely possible for us to get dried coffee out of a carpet with the equipment that we use. It’s not so easy if you start scrubbing and grind the stain further into the pile of the carpet. Just blot, leave and call us. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While a lot of our day to day calls are from domestic properties where anything from one or two rooms to the whole house needs cleaning, we often get calls from businesses too. We offer a Plymouth commercial carpet cleaning service for all kinds of businesses. Offices that have carpet tiles, those that have carpet rather than cold laminate or wooden flooring and hotels where most areas are carpeted are among some of our many loyal customers. 

Footfall is Considerably Greater

Hotels and guest houses offer a home from home experience and are fitted with carpets in the rooms, the corridors and the communal areas. The amount of footfall they receive means that it is important to have more regular professional carpet cleaning. Unlike homes, when we walk into a hotel room, taking our shoes off is not normally the first thing we do. Often the carpets in these rooms are darker for good reason. 

Hygiene is Paramount 

Now more than ever, sanitisation and hygiene are at the forefronts of everyone’s minds. Even after the peak of the Corona pandemic has passed, we expect to see a heightened awareness of health and hygiene. Offering staff and customers peace of mind is critical. Hiring professional Plymouth carpet cleaning services for your business means that you are doing your bit to protect the health of visitors to your business. We would be happy to discuss an ongoing arrangement. 

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning 

If you have been renting a property for longer than 3 months and feel that the carpets would benefit from our Plymouth carpet cleaning service, we offer an end of tenancy carpet cleaning service. In fact, it is one of our more popular services. Wear and tear can occur over the years – accidents, spillages, general foot traffic and pets can leave the carpets looking dirty and lack lustre. Our professional service will bring them back to a state that is possibly better than when you moved in. It’s one sure fire way to increase the chances of getting your deposit back. 

end of tenancy carpet cleaning

If you are a landlord and have had tenants in the property that have left the carpets in a less than desirable state, get in touch to discuss your requirements. We work with many landlords on this basis and can provide examples of many Plymouth end of tenancy cleans. It’s not just carpets. We can clean the entire property including the oven, the gutters, the exterior and windows. 

Plymouth Upholstery cleaning 

In addition to our Plymouth carpet cleaning service, we also offer an upholstery cleaning service. This extends to lounge furniture, office furniture and even vehicle interiors. Fabric upholstery is used on a daily basis and can show dirt from wear and tear very quickly. It is important, when cleaning upholstery, to effectively remove the dirt without causing damage to what can often be delicate fabrics. Our professional Plymouth upholstery cleaning service can bring your sofas and chairs back to life without damaging them. 

Plymouth upholstery cleaning

As with our carpet cleaning advice, should you spill wine, coffee or something else on your sofa, blot the area immediately with a white cloth or kitchen towel. Blot up as much of the spill as you can being careful not to move it around and work it into the fabric. Once this is done, we can treat the area with our professional equipment to get rid of any stains and bring them up as new. 

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Pubs, restaurants, hotels and businesses with waiting areas often have comfortable seating areas. Often these are fabric sofas or chairs. These see a lot of use as multiple people sit on them throughout the day. In the interests of promoting the right image, and ensuring good hygiene, we recommend regular upholstery cleaning. This can be done at the same time as our Plymouth carpet cleaning service to ensure minimum disruption and down time. We can also work with you to operate our services outside of normal working hours, when your business is closed to the public, or at least during your quieter periods. 

A Few Cleaning Hacks for You 

Now, while we don’t endorse you trying to clean your carpets yourself, we do have a few handy hacks that will make your cleaning routine a little easier. 

Discuss Your Plymouth Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Requirements

If you would like to discuss our Plymouth carpet cleaning service, please get in touch with us, We will be happy to discuss your carpet cleaning requirements whether that be for one room or the entire home. In fact, it is often much more cost effective to have the whole house done. Bear in mind that we do need to be able to clean the entire room and for each room to be dry before the furniture can be replaced.

You can discuss all of this with us over the phone – 01752 525602 or by dropping us a message on our Facebook page. If you are happy with the Plymouth carpet cleaning service that you have received from Scrub & Shine, please do leave us a Google or Facebook review. We love to hear great feedback from our customers. Recommend us to a friend or colleague too.