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Exeter Bird Mess Removal Project

While much of our work takes place around Plymouth and the surrounding areas, we also travel further afield to undertake professional commercial cleaning projects across the wider area. One of our more recent projects saw us working in collaboration with bird control and pest control specialists, Falcon Environmental Services offering our professional cleaning services at a commercial site in Exeter for a bird mess removal project. 

Who are Falcon?

Falcon Environmental Services specialise in bird proofing and bird control for both domestic and commercial properties across the South West. Much of their work involves, preventing birds from nesting on roofs, chimneys, solar panels, farm land etc. by installing effective bird netting and spiking. They also offer a whole host of bird scaring and bird hawking services in addition to pest control.  

Cleaning up the Mess

With nuisance birds come lots of unwanted bird mess too. Bird faeces can spread disease and not just when it is fresh. When dry, the particles can become airborne and transfer inside properties, spread through external air conditioning units etc. Not to mention, it is acidic, can cause damage to paint and building facades and looks unsightly too. So, once the birds have moved on, and Matt and his team can bird proof the necessary areas, we go in to professionally clean the area, removing this waste. This bird mess removal service is something we have been asked to provide on more than one occasion, especially when it involves local businesses frequented by the public.

Balconies are a Prime Spot

A balcony is an ideal location for birds, especially pigeons, to make their nest. They need a location at height which is safe from predators and allows them to build nests to lay their eggs. This is not great, if you happen to be a local resident or inhabitant of the building. They make lots of noise, and leave lots of mess. You don’t want a bird to take up residence in the spring (the most common time for them to nest) before you get chance to go out and enjoy the balcony during the summer months, nor do you want birds waking you with their early morning wake up call. 

Bird proofing involves installing netting and spiking on an area that may be attractive to birds such as seagulls and pigeons and ensuring that the area is not somewhere they can easily land. 

Exeter Balcony Cleaning Project 

In this instance, before Matt and his team could bird proof these balconies, our team went in and professionally cleaned and disinfected them with our professional bird mess removal service. We removed any trace of bird poo, ensuring that we completely disinfected the area too. This is not the only bird mess removal project we have worked on. We are proud to work alongside Falcon on other projects and look forward to a continued working relationship. 

If you would like to discuss a commercial cleaning project with us or want to discover more about our bird mess removal service, just give us a call on 01752 525602 or visit our contact page to fill in a contact form.