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5 Reasons for Professional Exterior Cladding Cleaning

Due to the constant changes in climate and weather in this country, exterior cladding can often get dirty very quickly. We get a lot of enquiries for Plymouth exterior cladding cleaning services whether it be domestic of commercial. 

Cladding comes in a variety of materials – wood, aluminium, brick and vinyl as well as additional metals. They all have their own requirements for cleaning, something a professional Plymouth cladding cleaning company knows only too well. 

Rain wind and other pollutants cause damage to exterior cladding but the weather conditions can lead to a build-up of moss, algae and other dirt that make the cladding look unsightly. When you consider the constant changes in temperatures and the amount of wind and rain that we see, especially in a coastal town like Plymouth, it is no surprise that cladding can very quickly become dirty and tired looking. 

Obviously regular cladding cleaning and upkeep is important. We take a look at 5 reasons for hiring a professional for Plymouth exterior cladding cleaning: 

1. To Protect the Manufacturer Warranty 

Most cladding warranties come with a maintenance clause which means that regular upkeep is required to look after the cladding. Obviously, a professional cleaner that can supply invoices and proof of work is the preferred solution. 

2. To Prevent Cladding Damage

Permanent corrosion or discolouration can occur when cladding is not properly cleaned on a regular basis. By having the cladding regularly cleaned, there is less risk of lasting damage to the cladding. Prevent rust build and other potential damages and prolong the life.

3. To Keep the Building Looking Nice

If you are a commercial business that wants to portray a good image, you want to ensure that your premises look good. A dirty and tired looking building is not very inviting to potential clients or visitors. It’s just like having the windows cleaned – you want everything to look presentable.

4. Professionals Know What Cleaning Methods to Use 

We have already mentioned that cladding can be constructed from many different materials. Each of these materials requires a different method of cleaning. While some can be jet washed, others will need a more gentle soft washing approach. A professional will understand what is required to offer the best finish.

5. Reduce Maintenance Costs 

If you do let your cladding fall into disrepair, it is going to cost money to get fix/repair it. By maintaining your cladding, you will cut down on the potential costs of having expensive repairs. 

Having your cladding professionally cleaned will be more cost effective than having to repair or even replace the cladding. It is a service that can be offered with minimal disruption and one that will bring new life to your building. 

Exterior Plymouth cladding cleaning is just one of the exterior cleaning services that we offer here at Scrub & Shine South West. We would be happy to provide you with a quotation for a one off clean or a regular maintenance contract. Contact us on 07946 602786