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The Process of Biocide Render Clean

Biocides are chemical substances or microorganisms used to treat the harmful and unwanted organisms that are present in mould, bacteria, algae and other living things. These microganisms are either rendered harmless or killed by the application of biocides. We use them to treat the exterior render of both domestic and commercial properties. We discuss how our Plymouth render cleaning service works.

A Build Up of Fungi and Algae

Over time, the render of a property will discolour and you will notice substantial patches of dirt. This dirt is fungi and algae which can only be removed with specialist Plymouth render cleaning treatment. It is important to treat render once a year. Not only do the stains look unsightly, they can also cause damage as well. Regular biocide treatment will ensure that this harmful build up is removed. 

How Long to See Results?

The process of biocide cleaning is not instant, which people do sometimes expect. Unfortunately, it’s not a case of applying the treatment and then it looking like new immediately. It takes time for the product to get to work. In fact, the results can take a few days or more. These photos show the property before treatment and then again after a week. It isn’t like power or jet washing which removes the dirt immediately. 

You will notice some results after a few hours – the pink/red stains will disappear first, the black stains will take longer to remove. In some cases, a second treatment will be required, especially when you have a build up of algae over a long period of time which is too stubborn for just one treatment. 

Why Not Just Power Wash Render?

So why do we use this Plymouth render cleaning solution instead of jet washing? Well, that’s simple. Jet washing is so powerful that often it can cause damage to the render and remove patches of it. Power washing is just too much for render. Instead, the biocide, or soft washing treating, is a far less aggressive form of cleaning that gets to work to kill the microorganisms that are causing the build up of mould, algae etc. 

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