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Commercial Cladding Cleaning South West

For companies that opens their doors to the public, it is important to portray the right image. This includes having a clean building, inside and out. Our recent completely South West commercial cladding cleaning project was undertaken by the team over the weekend ready for the company’s grand opening.

Bradfords in Somerset wanted to open their doors looking pristine ready to greet their customers which meant having the exterior of the building cleaned. South West commercial cladding cleaning is a service that we are asked to carry out quite regularly. The process is quite straightforward and can be done quickly and efficiently. To minimise disruption we will also work around you to suit the requirements of your business. In this case, we got the team together and worked over the weekend. It meant that there were no customers coming and going and that we could get the job done without disrupting the business.

Cladding Cleaning – The Process

High pressure washing is too aggressive and can cause damage to the building which is why we start with a degreaser to lift the worst of the dirt followed by low pressure washing after. This then washes off the degreaser along with the dirt leaving the building clean and sparkly.

With the weather being so changeable and the amount of rain that we have, commercial cladding cleaning is a job that needs doing at regular intervals as the constant battering from the wind and rain, mixed with bouts of sunshine, lead to a build up of algae and other dirt. 

Noticeable Results

As you can see from the pictures the results are noticeable, instantly transforming the appearance of the building and giving it a lift.

This particular commercial cladding cleaning project was in Somerset but we are happy to travel across the South West for commercial projects. Just give us a call and enquire about your premises. Call us on 07946 602786