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Is it Time to Have Your Plymouth Roof Cleaned?

At various times of year, usually in spring and summer, our attentions to turn to the exterior of our properties as we get everything ready for spending time, and entertaining, outside. From patio cleaning to driveways, gutter cleaning to render cleaning, there are many ways in which you can give the exterior of your property a makeover. But what about the roof? When was the last time, if ever, that your roof was cleaned? As well as the obvious things such as your patios, driveways and gutter cleaning, Plymouth roof cleaning is another aspect to consider. We take a look at why roof cleaning is such an important aspect of property maintenance and what’s involved. 

Why Plymouth Roof Cleaning?

You may be wondering why you would need to have your Plymouth roof cleaned when it’s pretty much out of sight, to you at least, most of the time? Well, like anything in or outside of your home, you need to regularly clean and maintain things to prolong their life and keep them in good condition, no matter if it is so far out of reach. 

The roof is exposed to all kinds of elements – howling winds, heavy rain, snow, extreme temperatures of both heat and cold. You will already know that your patio and decking can get slippery underfoot while being exposed to a combination of rain and sunshine. Well, this is the same with your roof. While it may not be obvious what damage can be caused, it’s wise to keep a check.

How Moss and Algae Can Affect Your Roof 

The main types of growth found on a roof are algae and moss. If you look up, moss is much more visible than algae as it’s green/yellow and in contrast to the brown tiles of your roof. Moss grows where there is shade and moisture. Algae is more of a black sludge. This algae will grow where moisture and water collect with spores reaching the roof either from wind or birds. 

There are lots of reasons that you should clear away these two types of growth:

Why Choose Professional Plymouth Roof Cleaners? 

Getting up on your roof and cleaning it yourself can seem like a huge inconvenience, not to mention the dangers involved. How do you even know what materials/products to use? It’s much more advisable to hire the services of professional Plymouth roof cleaners who have extensive experience and the right equipment for the job. They will use professional soft washing techniques with products designed to clean effectively and not damage your roof. 

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