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Protecting Your Plymouth Home This Winter

It’s getting colder and there is a definite nip in the air. While the team at Scrub & Shine quite enjoy the indoor jobs at this time of year, we do get a lot of call for exterior cleaning jobs, especially when it comes to protecting your Plymouth home this winter with a specialist exterior clean. 

Protecting Your Plymouth Home with Clean Gutters 

Let’s start with the gutters. But why do your gutters need special attention at this time of year? The answer is simple – autumn leaves! You only have to look outside the front door to see how many leaves have fallen. While you are looking at piles them on the ground, just imagine how many of these have fallen into your guttering. Your gutters provide a vital function to your home, protecting your roof and walls against water damage from overflowing and blocked gutters. 

If leaves and debris are allowed to build up in your gutters, it is only a matter of time before they get blocked. Once they get blocked, the water has nowhere to go and it will look for other means of escape. This can often be through the roof or walls then you have even bigger problems to consider. It’s even worse if that water freezes when the temperatures plummet. Then the ice can cause them to crack and break. The frozen water expands putting extra pressure on your gutters. 

Prevention is Better than Cure

There are several things you can do to prevent the ice causing damage including hot water and salt but the best prevention is to stop your gutters getting blocked in the first place. It can be tricky for many homeowners to get out a ladder big enough and start climbing up to the roof. It should be left to the experts that have the right tools and equipment. 

Choose Specialist Plymouth Gutter Cleaners

Specialist Plymouth gutter cleaners can come along to your property and complete the job far more efficiently and with less risk to yourself. We know exactly what we are doing and can clear those blocked gutters in no time leaving your home looking nice and clean too. 

Keeping the Exterior Clean 

In addition to ensuring the are gutters clean, it’s also good to have a soft washing to any rendered walls as well to get rid of the algae and any other dirt. Our soft washing method continues working after we have left the property so you will see the results getting better over time while your walls are protected from the nasty English weather. 

Being on the coast, rendered houses tend to be more exposed than in more inland areas so it is a good idea to maintain them with regular and professional render cleaning. 

Pressure Washing 

If you want the house to look good for Christmas visitors, you can also choose to have your pathways, drives and patios jet washed. It’s often a good idea to have them cleaned to prevent the build up of algae and stop them being hazardous and slippy to you and guests. 

Garden decking and other areas may benefit from a good clean too. Depending on the surface will depend on which method of cleaning is used. Sometimes soft washing is preferable to power washing as it is a gentler method of cleaning.

A Complete Plymouth Home Makeover

Why stop at the outside? If you are going for a complete Plymouth home makeover for Christmas, you can have your carpets professionally cleaned too. Carpet cleaning just gives your home such a nice and fresh feel while making it smell nicer too. Get rid of that dust and any ground in dirt and stains with a spruce up before you welcome guests into your home this Christmas