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Preparing Your Plymouth House for Sale

If you are looking to sell your home and want to make sure it attracts attention for the right reasons, there are several things you need to consider. In addition to the financials, which estate agent you will use and where you want to move to, you also want to start preparing your Plymouth house for sale. Part of the process of selling a house involves potential buyers coming into your home with a view to putting in an offer. Showcasing your home to increase it’s attraction will help that process.

This may involve a de-clutter, a lick of paint here and there and making sure the house looks at its best. Some even go so far as to bake bread so that the house smells nice. Obviously, one of the most important parts of preparing your Plymouth house for sale is making sure it is clean. This starts with the exterior of the house.

Improve Kerb Appeal

The exterior is the first impression someone is going to get of the property, even before they arrange a viewing. An estate agent will come out and take photographs, these will then appear on property portals for those that are searching for properties in your area. Usually the exterior image is used as the feature image of the property listing so, if people aren’t drawn to it, they may not look any further. 

Exterior Cleaning 

If your property is rendered, you should consider a professional clean before listing the property. Render can discolour over time from algae, moss and dirty stains from the satellite dish and fixings. Sides of the property that are exposed the worst of the weather can often look particularly dirty. Having the K-rend professionally cleaned is the first step. Cladding is also another popular exterior decoration and again, like render, can get very dirty. With professional cleaning though, you can make it as new.

Are the gutters and uPVC fascias etc. looking good? Would they benefit from a professional clean? The roof is another area of the property that can get dirty over time. Drives and pathways may also benefit from power washing. In addition to cleaning, make sure they are freshly weeded and free from clutter. If you have external walls around the property or partition walls between yours and the neighbours property, you may want to arrange for these to be professionally cleaned too. 

Interior Cleaning

Moving on to the inside and think about that first impression when someone enters your house. The carpets are one of the primary areas to have cleaned. Not only can carpets look dirty over time, if not cleaned regularly, they can make the house smell, especially if you have pets. While these may be considered superficial, presenting a clean and tidy house will help them to feel more drawn to the property. 

Oven and appliance cleaning is also advisable. Extractor fans, microwaves, hobs and ovens can be a magnet for grease and dust so having them cleaned will breathe fresh life into your kitchen. A kitchen can be the key to selling a home, If your kitchen is dirty and tired looking, it will tell the buyer that they need to factor a new kitchen into their budget. It could lead to a lower offer! 

Preparing Your Plymouth House for Sale? Get in Touch  

While having a clean, bright and airy property may not necessarily add value to your property, it can make it more inviting and increase its sale potential. For details about our professional cleaning services and preparing your Plymouth house for sale, please get in touch07946 602786