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Check Out Our Plymouth Softwashing Offer

For the months of September and October, 2021, Scrub & Shine South West will be offering a Plymouth softwashing package for just £195*. This will include a complimentary cleaning of your Plymouth gutters and fascias as well as your windows! What’s not to love about that?

Preparing Your Home Winter with Softwashing

As the summer comes to an end (we know and we’re sorry), it’s important to get your home ready for whatever the winter throws at it. While you may wonder why you should have your property’s exterior cleaned while heading into the wetter and greyer months the answer is simple: 

1. It keeps your home looking nice all year round 

2. It will help to prevent any damage occurring to your property from gutter blockages for example. 

Clearing Out and Cleaning Plymouth Gutters

During the summer, birds (which will leave for warmer climates now) will have built nests in places you can’t see such as your gutters). While you can’t interfere with the nests during nesting season, once the birds have moved on, you can go and clear out the debris they have left behind. It is important to do this as blockages in your gutters can lead to the water running off in other areas and causing damage to your roof or the exterior walls of your home. 

Plymouth Softwashing Services 

When it comes to Plymouth softwashing, areas like your render, your decking, your patio etc. will benefit from a protective coating that will offer a barrier to the harsher weather conditions that we experience during the winter months. Decking in particular can become hazardous if left untouched for too long with a build-up of algae caused by the sun and rain during the summer months. 

Another Job Off the List

Having the exterior of your property cleaned is another job off the list and keeps your home looking spick and span. There are a number of reasons to choose to have this service now: 

If you are interested in our Plymouth softwashing offer and would like to discuss, please give us a call on 07946 602786. Hurry though – the offer is only available to a limited number. 

*terms and conditions apply and will depend on the size of the property.