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Results of our Plymouth Soft Washing Service

Our Plymouth soft washing service has to be one of the jobs that we enjoy the most. Largely because of the outstanding results that it produces. When the render of a property is new and untouched by the weather, it looks great. Unfortunately, the persistent and relentless British weather means that organic matter such as algae starts to form on the render. When this happens it start to look tired, run down and dirty.

The Best Treatment for Exterior Surfaces

Unfortunately, DIY methods of cleaning are often ineffective and extremely time consuming. Jet or power washing the stains away will cause damage to the render and painting over it just means you are painting over the mould and algae that has formed. There is a solution though in the form of a soft wash solution. The treatment is applied to the surfaces required and it gets to work immediately. This is then followed up by low pressure steam washing to remove the dirt.

Covering Plymouth and Beyond

We have provided this service across Plymouth and surrounds on many occasions. The example below was a recent property that we treated in Tavistock. Again, the results are brilliant. We can use this solution on any of the following surfaces to bring them up as good as new again:

It’s so rewarding to see the property being transformed to its former glory just like it was when the property was built. we have provided our Plymouth soft washing service to many properties across the area. You can find so many examples over on our Facebook page.

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