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Plymouth Patio Maintenance

Cast your mind back to when that patio was newly laid – how fresh and satisfying it looked. Unfortunately, over time, the stones tend to fade, lose their natural colour and your once pristine patio can start to look tired and grey. This doesn’t have to be the case though and with regular Plymouth patio maintenance, you can have that fresh look all year round with just a few simple tasks. Some of these you can do yourself, others you might want to call on the experts to breathe life back into your patio or driveway. We take a look at some simple ways to keep your Plymouth patio looking tip top.

General Maintenance

The everyday tasks that will keep your patio looking neat and tidy include regular sweeping and weeding. This is especially fruitful in autumn when the leaves are falling. Leaves will naturally gravitate to a corner or an obstacle where they will gather and decompose – this will leave a dirty patch if they are left for too long. Regular sweeping and removal of debris and leaves will help your patio look good for longer. It is also important to remove weeds from the root.


Depending on the size, and the state of your patio, will depend on whether you feel you can tackle a good clean yourself or whether you think that professional Plymouth patio cleaning is required. If you are going to have a go at cleaning the patio yourself, there are a few natural remedies you can try before you get out the power washer however, be mindful of what you use and whether this will kill any nearby plants or if it’s dangerous to animals and wildlife. If you are going to use a jet washer, it can cause damage if not used correctly.

Professional patio cleaning and maintenance is less hassle, less mess and the experts know what they are doing. They know if pressure washing is safe for the particular type of stones that you have and how to avoid causing damage to nearby plants and vegetation.

Patio and Driveway Re-Pointing

One thing that you will notice over time is that the cement between the stones can loosen and wear away. First it will crack, then parts of it will start to fall down gaps or get washed away in bad weather. Once the gaps appear, the weeds follow and before you know it your patio is regularly throwing up weeds to keep you busy.

Eventually, it can look so bad that you may even be considering having the whole patio replaced however, re-pointing the cracks can fix the problem and is something that you can either do yourself using a mixture of sand and cement or that you can call on a local company do for you.

The Complete Plymouth Patio Maintenance Package

If you just don’t have the time or the desire to clean and spruce up your patio yourself and would like someone to do it for you then we can help. Using the best tools and equipment for the job, we can restore your patio or driveway to its original glory making it look as good as new. Call us today on 07946 602786