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Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to choosing a Plymouth commercial cleaning company, there are many things to consider. While recommendation is a popular choice, there are also other points to factor into your decision:

Start Online

Lots of us now look for recommendations online. It’s a common occurrence to see a post on Facebook asking for people to recommend a local company. Checking out the reviews of a company will give you an indication of the kind of feedback that they get from their customers and the level of satisfaction of their services. Google reviews are easy to find if you type in the name of a company you are considering using. You can also visit their Facebook page and see how many reviews they have.

Look at Examples of Their Work

While you are conducting your online research, you should also be able to see examples of the work they have carried out in their Facebook and Google posts. It’s an excellent way to find out the type of work that they do whether that be commercial cladding cleaning, commercial window cleaning or commercial power washing for example.

What Services do They Offer?

While some Plymouth commercial cleaning companies will specialise in windows and glass cleaning or internal cleaning contracts, it is advisable to find a company that can cover multiple aspects of cleaning. This means you can get everything from one company without having to set up multiple suppliers and deal with lots of different invoices.

Regular Service Contracts

Running a business means you often don’t have lots of time to spare looking for cleaners on a regular basis. You want one company that can re-visit at regular intervals and will offer cleaning and maintenance contracts. That way, once you have undertaken the task of choosing a Plymouth cleaning company, you won’t have to keep doing it! You can agree the terms, frequency etc. at the start of the contract and then re-negotiate on an annual basis.

Do They Have Insurance?

With any reputable business, you expect them to have a certain level of insurance, especially when they offer South West commercial cleaning services. Ask them about their insurance and the level of cover – they should be able to provide evidence of this.

Are They Professional?

If the cleaning company you choose is going to be frequenting your business premises you want to ensure that they are professional. They need to be well turned out, polite and mindful of the fact that you are running a business with staff and, potentially, customers. Meet with them beforehand to make sure you are happy with the company you are trusting with an important part of your business.

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