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Professional Devon Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Scrub and Shine, based in Plymouth offer a professional and highly recommended Plymouth commercial carpet cleaning service across the city and beyond. In fact, we cover most of Devon too. Our Devon commercial carpet cleaning services are available to both domestic and commercial customers but let’s take a further look at our commercial carpet cleaning services: 

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning 

There are many reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned, not least because they look so much better. In addition to this, regular carpet cleaning can keep your business free from dust and allergens, providing a hygienic atmosphere for your staff and customers.  Our regular Plymouth commercial carpet cleaning service make sure that your business looks great and gives off the right impression to staff, customers and visitors. 

Who is Our Plymouth Commercial Carpet Cleaning Suitable for?

For our Devon commercial carpet cleaning customers that are frequented by visitors, it is important the carpets are kept looking good for waiting rooms for example hygiene is it utmost importance. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their premises are both clean and hygienic. It’s also important to give a good impression to visitors. 

There are many sorts of business that still have carpets – primarily because it is more comfortable underfoot and it gives off a more homely feel. Hotels for example, have carpets in their corridors and rooms. These are subject to heavy footfall as people go in and out of the rooms every day wearing shoes, including the cleaners that go in to change the beds etc. Contract carpet cleaning is a regular requirement for this type of business alongside offices and waiting rooms to name just a few. 

Plymouth Commercial Upholstery Cleaning 

In addition to our Plymouth carpet cleaning services for business, we also offer upholstery cleaning service. Pubs and restaurants that have sofas comfortable chairs, hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms with upholstered chairs etc. all need regular cleaning. Of course it’s not always as straightforward as wiping down the surface especially if the furniture is upholstered. Then you need professional cleaning to remove the ground in dirt and provide a thorough deep clean.

Male worker removing dirt from armchair with professional vacuum cleaner indoors, closeup

A Focus on Hygiene as People Return to Work

The past year or so has seen much upheaval and unsettlement for people as they have been forced to cancel plans and stay at home to work and play. As the world opens up again, people are cautiously returning to the office and resuming their normal activities. Hotels are opening up, gyms and leisure centres are one again busy and people are feeling more inclined to visit places. That’s not to say that’s not without some intrepidation as they worry about catching the virus and passing it on to others. Now more than ever, businesses are feeling the pressure to ensure their premises are stringently cleaned and maintained.

Contract Cleaning Services 

Our experience with commercial Devon carpet cleaning means that we are able to advise on frequency of carpet cleaning required to best suit your business. We can arrange all of your contract carpet cleaning requirements.

Regular Devon commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning will ensure that your premises are healthier and more hygienic. In turn, this means that you should experience less staff illnesses. If your premises are clean, and there are no nasty environmental allergens floating around, your staff are less likely to pick up anything at work. Regular cleaning and hygiene is therefore paramount for all businesses, small or large.

If you would like to discuss your commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning requirements with us we will be happy to arrange a time to do so. Call us today on 07946 602786 to discuss your business needs.