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Protect Your Property with External Cleaning Plymouth

External cleaning Plymouth can make a huge difference to the appearance of the exterior of your home. With it being summer, it is also an excellent time to get those outside jobs done.

Whether it’s the gutters that need a good clean and unclog before the leaves of autumn start to fall, or the render which is starting to look a bit tired, the sun shining on these aspects of your home can make them look lack lustre. Sometimes the sun can even make you notice you things you wouldn’t ordinarily, or at least highlight them. If you want to head into autumn with a clean and shiny property, now is the time to get these cleaning jobs down. Some external cleaning projects will also protect your property against the elements.

Protecting Your Property with Professional External Cleaning Plymouth

Cleaning your property is not just about making it look nice. It’s also about protecting it. While the fungi and bacteria that grows on the render of a property looks unsightly, it can also cause damage to the render. This is also the case with gutters. If you don’t clean them and unclog them regularly, a build up of water with nowhere to go can eventually cause damage to your property.

Plymouth Render Cleaning

External soft washing involves applying cleaning chemicals to the render of a property to break down the algae and other fungi/bacterial growths that are making the property look dirty and grey with black, green and rusty looking patches. A soft washing process is preferable to power washing as pressure washing can cause damage to the Redner. Instead, the soft washing process is much kinder and more effective. It begins the moment that you apply the chemicals to the exterior of the property but isn’t an instant process. After we have left, the materials that we use will carry on having an effect for days after as you watch your house get cleaner and cleaner.

Gutters, Fascias, Soffits and Downpipes

As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, your gutters, soffits and fascias perform a key role in the protection of your house as they protect your roof and walls from water damage. If the gutters get blocked, clogged and full of debris, the water has to find somewhere else to go.

Decking, Patios and Driveways

Decking can not only look dirty, it is also dangerous if not cleaned regularly. The algae that forms on the surface after continuous sunshine and rain, make it very slippery and potentially hazardous to children or those that walk on it.

It’s incredible what a professional clean can do for the life of your decking. This project below involved a chemical clean to get rid of the algae first followed by a gentle pressure wash to get rid of the dirt. We also treated the wall too. Much better!

Contact For Professional Cleaning

To give your property an external makeover and protect it agains the elements, we can offer many aspects of external cleaning Plymouth. From jet washing your patio to cleaning the gutters, we will use the most appropriate techniques to achieve the best results. Simply contact us on: 07946 602786 or 01752 525602.