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The Full Exterior Cleaning Package

The exterior of your property has to cope with a lot. Wind, rain, ice, extreme temperatures… As we pass through the seasons of the year, dirt and debris build up in the gutters, the render takes a battering from the elements, moss and algae build up on the roof and our homes can start to look tired and weathered. If this sounds like your home then we can help with our Plymouth exterior cleaning package.

A Full Plymouth Exterior Cleaning Service

Our Plymouth exterior cleaning service is designed to offer a complete makeover to your home. From the roof to the patios and driveways, we can restore your house to its former glory. Let’s take a look at what this service includes:

Roof cleaning

Out of sight, out of mind can often be how we feel about certain parts of our property including the roof. You may not even have considered having your roof cleaned before or indeed realised that it was a service that existed. During the various seasons, your roof is exposed to varying extremes of temperature alongside battering winds and rains.

Birds may nest leaving debris and excrement everywhere while moss and algae can build up on the roof. This can actually cause damage to your roof if not dealt with and fall down into your gutters causing blockages which could potentially cause damage to other parts of your home. With a thorough roof cleaning service, you can have peace of mind that your property is well cared for, not to mention it will look nice and clean.

Gutter cleaning

One of our more popular Plymouth exterior cleaning services, gutter cleaning is important to protect your property from potential water damage. During the autumn when leaves are falling, there can be a buildup of leaves. Moss can fall from the roof and rest in the gutters and birds may have built nests in or around the gutters. All of these elements can build up and block the flow of water leading to potential blockages. The problem with this is that water needs to go somewhere.

In additional to potential blockages, the gutters and downpipes (predominantly those that are white in colour) can become very dirty and unsightly. A good clean will make them look good as new and add a touch of sparkle to your home.

Render Cleaning

That beautiful and pristine render that looks so good when it’s first done can wear very quickly. After a couple of years you will find black streaks of algae developing, rust spots from the hanging baskets and satellite dishes and general dirt from a mixture of rain and sunshine. You will probably find that one or two side of your property take the brunt of the elements and look more worse for wear than the others.

This can be frustrating and lead homeowners to believe that they need to paint over it. However, this is not to be advised. A simple soft wash can be all that is needed to completely restore your render and make it look as good as new. Even if you do decide to redecorate, you must be sure to have the render cleaned first – the black spots of algae are actually live growth and will soon show through again.

Pathways, Driveways and Patios

Once you have had your roof, render and gutters cleaned, it’s time to look at the paths and driveways and even the walls around your property to ensure that they are given a good clean to match the rest of the property.

There are few things as satisfying as seeing the results of a good pressure washing on a patio or driveway as you wash away layers of dirt and see the original colour of the stonework restored.

Window Cleaning

After all the cleaning, let’s not forget the windows. With everything else looking so clean and shiny, you want to make sure everything is sparkling. A professional window clean is the final touch to our Plymouth exterior cleaning package and will make your home stand out among those around it.

If you would like more details, or simply want to book your Plymouth exterior cleaning package, please get in touch to arrange If you would like more details, or simply want to book your Plymouth exterior cleaning package, please get in touch to arrange. You can call 07946 602786 or contact us here.