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Commercial Steam Cleaning for Food and Drink Outlets

An effective method of deep cleaning, steam cleaning is a lot kinder to surfaces than pressure washing. It is our preferred method when it comes to cleaning commercial areas which may not withstand the high pressure of jet washing. Our Plymouth commercial steam cleaning service is ideal for food and drink outlets that require a deep clean, to not only make everything look nice and fresh but also to get rid of ground in dirt, birds mess, staining and a build up of debris. 

Cleaning Commercial Food Establishments 

One area where it is particularly important to maintain a clean and hygienic environment is where food and drink is served. No-one wants to sit and eat or drink on benches covered in bird poo or with a dirty, sticky patio that has been littered with chewing gum, sticky spillages and a general build up of debris. While these aren’t the scenes you would expect to find inside a food establishment, it’s certainly more likely with an alfresco dining area.

Steam Cleaning at Ocean City Ice Cream

One of our recent steam cleaning projects was at Ocean City Ice Cream. You can just imagine how much dropped and melted ice cream, nuisance bird activity, spilt drinks and the general elements that the exterior of this business is exposed to. 

As you can see from the photos, there is quite a big outdoor seating area with wooden benches, steps and paving, all of which are subject to constant footfall. Being by the sea means that it’s also exposed to the elements not to mention the seagulls waiting to feed on dropped ice cream.

While regular wiping down of tables etc will keep the tables clean for daily use, it’s a good idea to have regular professional steam cleaning to ensure that the area gets a thorough and deep clean.

Effective Pest Control

Keeping the area free from debris and food will also keep other pests at bay such as rodents and wasps. Sticky spots are a magnet for wasps while dropped food is attractive to rats and mice.

Where pressure washing may be too much for these surfaces, steam cleaning offers an extremely effective method of cleaning that brings the surfaces up like new and offers a deep clean.

Once our team have been in and carried out their work (working around your busy periods to avoid disruption) the premises are good as new again creating a welcoming and hygienic environment in time for the busy summer periods. 

If you own a commercial food outlet with external seating areas, we can help:

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