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A Successful Builder's Clean

New homes come all shiny and clean in brand new condition ready for you to move in and make your own however, they don’t always start out like this. Once all the building work has finished and the finishing touches have been added, a thorough clean is required. That’s where our specialist builder’s clean South West services come in.

Builder’s Clean South West

Imagine the dust and mess that is involved in building a house. once the foundations and brick works are laid, then in come the plumbers, electricians, roofers, plasterers… and the work involved is messy. Even after all the rubbish and rubble is removed, you find a layer of dust has settled in every nook and cranny. You can fit a brand new kitchen only to find it covered in dust after just a short time.

south west builder clean

Making the Home Ready to Live In

Unless you are buying off plan and visiting the site during construction, you don’t see the house until it is ready to hand the keys to you. At this point it is all shiny and new as if by magic. That is because a hard working team of specialist cleaners has been in and worked hard to bring the house to the condition where you can move in without a trace of any building work.

Hard Working Professionals

Our team of hard working professionals spent the weekend cleaning this particular property so that is ready to market. As you can see from the photos, everything is spick and span and like no-one has been here. We pay particular attention to detail and ensure that no surface is missed.

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